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ART DIRECTOR Career in a Nutshell || Art Direction || Art & Craft TALKS

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ART DIRECTOR Career in a Nutshell, Art Direction
ART DIRECTOR Career in a Nutshell || Art & Craft TALKS

So you want to explore a career in the Art Direction field, that’s quite interesting. But do you know who is an art Director and what role do they serve? What is Art Direction? Art is a very vast and wondrous field. Before answering the career questions, let’s look into the aspects of Art direction in a broader view.

Art Director – An Overview

In terms of company job, an art director is the person responsible for all the image designing stuff and adding suitable visual style to it. To be precise he/she has a lot of duties to perform like – image selection, art element for it, which visual style will suit the image, and so on.

Also, he/she is the one interacting with the client, regarding the visual aspects of any project as well as discussing that with the team for better results. In doing so, he/she has to make a lot of arrangements and take things into account.

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Now, below are the Eligibility Criteria, Admission Process, and Degrees that you must have to pursue your dream of becoming an Art Director.


Eligibility Criteria

ART DIRECTOR Career in a Nutshell, Eligibility Criteria
Eligibility Criteria || Art & Craft TALKS
Firstly, you must understand it does not matter which subjects you study till high school.                                  
Whether you study physics, chemistry, and math/bio in your +2, it is not going to impact your dream of becoming an Art Director. Coming on the courses available for art direction (to become an art director) we have –

1) The candidate at least has a Bachelor’s degree in Design. Although it’s not necessary candidates from other streams have difficulty in art direction, the preference for this job is when someone from the Design field joins the Art Direction sector.

2) Substantial work exposure is also a key factor in achieving the post of art director.

3) A good art portfolio and good social following within the art community will leap you forward towards your goal.

4) Apart from these, one of the most important things is your creativity and skill of presenting things. Yes, that’s the most important thing. Just think of the requirement as an art director you have to present your work with all the techniques and creativity you have. Also working on improving your management skills will be another plus point for you.


Roles available For an Art Director

The roles available for art directors also vary with experience. Suppose you enter as a fresher, then most probably you will work as Junior Art Director. And after gaining some knowledge, you will be promoted to Associate or Senior Associate levels.

Once you get to associate level, then you have many options open for switching into different roles. This will exponentially help you in learning new skills.


Jobs Available for Art Directors

There are various jobs available for Art Directors. We have listed below some of them:

 1)   Advertisement and Marketing: – 

    Today, the access to high-speed internet reaching each corner of the globe has changed the aspect of the advertisement. With the widespread use of electronic devices, digital advertisement & marketing is on a rise.

Also, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube have also added fuel to the burning ads market. Due to this, more and more companies are hiring better art directors for better promotion of goods and services.


ART DIRECTOR Career in a Nutshell, Jobs Available for Art Directors
Jobs Available for Art Directors || Art & Craft TALKS

2)   Film Production: – 

    Film production is the first of the few places where art direction made its place. With evolving times and digitalization happening, various new opportunities are now available for art director folks.

One such example where art direction is required is Graphic Designing, where the art director has to design the best shot for the scene. It requires a lot of analytical and technical thinking to bring out the best result with available resources.  


3)   Public Connections: – 

    Another very popular way for art director jobs is Public Relations (PR). You must have an art portfolio depicting your artwork with all the necessary details. Have a problem in making one? Don’t worry, you can check out the best tips to make an art portfolio blog...


4)   Magazines and Newspapers: –

    Again newspapers and magazines are a very big source of ads revenue. Many people still prefer reading them in the morning. The better your skills at this, the better project offers you can get for the company.

Also, many weekly magazines are quite popular in metropolitan areas where the companies want promotion for their products, due to their wide reach. You can utilize these opportunities as an art director, helping companies to capitalize on their target audience.


5)   Special Effect Animator: – 

    You can also explore the world of animation. The animators are really cool guys who create animation and visual effects for television, movies, video games, and other forms of media.



With the world advancing more towards the digital age, it is necessary that you keep on learning new skills. The opportunities for these types of careers are also booming with the rapid development of internet infrastructure.

Also, one must not forget that the core of any beauty in the world lies in imagination. This is also the core of art direction. So, I would conclude my part by suggesting one small thing – “Never Stop Imagining”. Work hard and you will definitely be at the place you deserve.


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