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Art Portfolio || For all Artists and Artisans || Art & Craft TALKS

In this Blog, on the topic, "Art Portfolio || For all Artists and Artisans || Art & Craft TALKS" by Art & Craft TALKS, where we've discussed Art Portfolio Buildup and why is it needed or is important? So without any further ado, let's just get into this...

Art Portfolio || For all Artists and Artisans || Art & Craft TALKS


An artist brings unique ideas to life, they work with full dedication, and behind every artwork lies a lot of thinking, execution, and hard work. And thus, promoting and building a brand out of their artwork is itself quite a challenging task. Nowadays, the demand for an online presence is necessary especially in the field of Creativity.

Need for an Art portfolio

Firstly, let us ask a question why do we need an art portfolio? Is it just to show our artworks or just to tell someone about your profession. If you think so, then well it is way more than you think. An art portfolio is not just your proof as an artist but it’s the identity of your interest, passion, and hard work accumulated in one.

Today, every professional need an online presence to grow their connection for better opportunities and business. Every client needs someone reliable and has a good online presence. No one has time for long chit-chat and face-to-face interactions. And thus, with all these aspects coming for an individual, should have a strong online presence and the best way to do it is through portfolios.


Here we have listed a few steps for making an attractive portfolio.

Build Your Portfolio as a Brand

Build Your Portfolio as a Brand
Your portfolio is your brand and so you must give your full attention while building it. Give authentic credentials for being an artist, show your artworks, history, and any achievements you have in your pocket. These are some of the things the finders always look for in one’s portfolio.


Elaborate your art-works

No one is interested in how many masterpieces you have. All they want is the knowledge and experience behind every artwork, you have created. So, it is preferable advice to provide not just your best artwork but also the artwork which you made with full dedication and which fulfills all the technical aspects needed for artwork like – your strength, experience, and creativity.

Keep your Portfolio Updated

Nothing is constant in this world, and that holds true for every art piece you have in your portfolio. Keep your portfolio updated, as you progress in your art career. Bring out new masterpieces from your ideas and display them to the world. The frequent updates let others know about your learning curve and thus increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Make it User-Friendly

When it comes to presenting, it should be clean, easy to read, and understandable. Don’t overdo it and don’t undermine the importance of your work. Also, remember you have to promote your artwork and not sell services. So, display your work with the essence of simplicity.

Let the world know

Let the world know
Yes, that’s it!! Let the people around you notice your creativity, let them know you, your profession, and your work. The internet’s age is too fierce and requires quite a good skill to master. So, to help you out with the promotion of your artwork, we have listed below some handy tips and tricks.

  •  Artist Website – You can use your knowledge to help others and a great way to do so is through building a website out of your knowledge. This helps not just the consumers (who definitely gets help) but also you, as you have to keep your content ready with changing times. Also, this in return gives the clients clarity of your knowledge and how much are you updated with the current affairs of the industry.


  • Promote on Social Media platform – Today, it is very hard to find anyone not using any of the social media platforms out there. And yes, here is your chance to showcase your masterpiece and attract the attention of the company and clients. Make sure you are available on all the platforms available in the market as it helps you to gain more recognition. 



Finally, after reading the above suggestions, I hope you got all your answers. Also, you can learn different artworks portfolio via reading about them, analyzing their formats and artworks. Keep yourself up-to-date and always be inspired by the amazing ideas floating through the world.  


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