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What is Art Direction? || Art & Craft TALKS

What is Art Direction? || Art & Craft TALKS


The management of creative ideas to produce visual outputs such as media, communication, information networks refer to Art Direction.

Some examples of Art Direction are magazine covers, movie sets, video games, advertising, and visual branding - they all require the work of an art director.


Art direction is a combination of art and design. It connects between a cultural reaction and an emotional reaction. The art direction is about creating a connection between what one sees and experiences.


An Art Director is a creative mind who is responsible for any artistic decisions and directions, particularly in a film or a show or an advertisement or in any other form of visual media.


 What does an art director do?

The art director makes sure that their team remains productive and does not get bored by the work.


As said by Claudia Morris, design director at B&B studio – We need to make sure our team is empowered and grounded, whilst being excited and inspired to push boundaries. We need to maintain a culture where the team feel nurtured and free to be the best they can."


One of the major role of an art director in the team is of management. These include works like – completing work to deadlines, checking the discipline of the team, etc. But that is not all. The director has to see the business part too and act accordingly.


The director is responsible for driving the audience through various artistic works like images, writings, etc. He is responsible for creating a brand full of followers. For this, they need to be good at mediating between the writers and designing teams.



How to become a good art director?

How to become a good art director?

A good art director acts as a leader in the team. The director’s life starts with team meetings and ends with team meetings. So they have to meet different people and solve different problems.
This all require a lot of temperament and one must not lose his/her cool and remain calm in every circumstance.
According to Shaun Bowen of B&B studios: "Time management. Knowing when and where to best invest your energy, when you need to get involved and when it’s better to be more hands-off. When to say yes, and importantly, when to say no."

Still thinking? How to become a good art director? Here we bring you some tips for becoming an art director :


1) Team Work comes first

The major role of an art director is to build connections with each and every team member and know their expertise. This helps in better cooperation and smooth working.

An art director defines his/her team as products and producers of our environments. "Being able to craft a beautiful illustration or piece of typography yourself is a wonderful skillset to have, but equally, so is having the foresight to recognize when it’s not you or your team’s strength, and then commissioning the right person for the job. The journey is as important as the destination and being able to communicate the what’s, the why’s, and the pit-stops along the way is crucial."

This means, when you're putting together your portfolio or application for the role, you need to be clear on the role you played in each project. It's not all about you.


2) Know your Job

Any team needs to know about the trending topics on which they are working. They have to take new initiatives to bring creativity to their work. This all helps in staying on top of the competitive market. 

"Keep the momentum up and don't get stuck in a bubble. Creative exploration is one of the benefits of this industry, so get out there and do different things differently."advises Theolin from B&B Studio.


3) Move on from the hierarchy system

While you are working and managing people, the art director should not waste their time. They should focus on quality and maximum productivity in a lesser amount of time. This can be achieved with a good team, skilled employees.

And so, the art director should appreciate the hardworking. They should promote the right task to be handled by the right person. They should keep the team motivated and avoid any internal conflicts. The art director should always cherish their employees.

4) Get regular Feedback

To be the best art director you can be, you'll need to be confident giving feedback, both internally and outside of your studio. Internally, feedback and providing critique is a piece of cake. There are no egos here at Robot Food. We don’t care if the feedback comes from an intern, or an account manager – if it helps make the work better it’s valid.

However, feeding back to external specialists – Illustrators, Photographers, Animators, and so on – can be trickier. You have to get past your own impostor syndrome and be prepared to stand up for the studio’s vision. We aim to work with the best talent we can, and it’s easy to default to thinking they know best and your own experience isn’t as valid. But ultimately, you know the brief, the client, and the result you want to achieve – it’s about working closely and collaboratively to get there.


5) Make friends not Employees

Communicating and building long time relations is an essential part of an art director. An art director should make friends and give appreciations for their work. A good art director always maintains a friendly relation with their employees (treats them like friends), learns from them, and grows with them.


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