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What is DIY? || Difference between DIY and Craft || Art & Craft TALKS

What is DIY? || Difference between DIY and Craft || Art & Craft TALKS

Many times we all come across a situation where we need something but don’t have the resources to get them. For example, if someone wants to repair a smartphone but doesn’t have money to buy it. So in such cases, the best option for the individual is to repair it by themselves.

The above paragraph is just a brief illustration of DIY. As the word spells out to be – Do It Yourself, very interesting right? Let's have a look at the paths where crafts and DIY cross each other roads.


What is DIY?

As per some academic researches –
DIY are behaviors where individuals use raw and semi-raw materials and parts to produce, transform, or reconstruct material possessions, including those drawn from the natural environment (e.g., landscaping)”.

Also, DIYs can be emotionally triggered. Suppose someone wants to have a tripod stand but doesn’t have the money to buy it. In such cases, DIYs can be very helpful. The person will make the tripod stand with whatever resource, which is available to him/her. The person can use wood or any other material for the purpose.

Another added benefit is the cost of the product. If someone uses raw-material which are in abundance then it could be built cheaply. Hence saving an extra penny from the person’s pocket. Also, with improved quality, the person can set up an enterprise.

Now, knowing the essentiality of DIYs lets move around to the difference between DIY and Crafts.


What is a Craft?

As far as definition is concerned, Craft is a skill or creativity that one has in making things, especially with hands.
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Difference between DIY and Craft

Difference between DIY and Craft
Nowadays, DIYs are quite popular with social media spinning around. More and more people are adapting to the new ideas of creativity. DIYs are more preferential as a hobby, whereas Crafts are more professional.

Also, DIYs require lesser creative thinking and more of exceptional work whereas craftsman spends more on creativity. Crafts are more likely considered as a traditional phenomenon whereas DIYs are like newborn babies in the world of imagination. But despite how you see they differ among themselves a lot.

The key difference between DIY and Craft is that DIY is the subset of Craft. Yes, you read it right. Craft covers different aspects of creativity and imagination plays an important role in it. Whereas, DIY is an individual's ability to transform a given set of raw materials into a finished (or required) product.



Craft is like a large ocean and DIYs are like small-river – it’s just my perception to see things, yours might be different. But the core remains fixed with the floor. DIY helps at an individual level whereas Crafts impacts society. With all our research and findings we suggest you the first DIY and then craft your ideas.  

For more info, watch our Video [In HINDI]:

DIY Kya Hai - DIY or CRAFT k biich ka difference - In HINDI THUMBNAIL
DIY Kya Hai - DIY or CRAFT k biich ka difference - In HINDI THUMBNAIL

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