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The Untold Techniques for Art Therapy || ART THERAPY Techniques || Art & Craft TALKS

Art Therapy is a wonderful way of releasing the anxiety and stress you have. With the world becoming fast to catch up, this sure helps you relax and explore yourself. So let’s find out some of the best ways through which we can perform art therapy.

The Untold Techniques for Art Therapy, ART THERAPY Techniques
The Untold Techniques for Art Therapy || Art & Craft TALKS

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Settings for Art Therapy

Inpatient officesprivate mental health officesschools, and community organizations are all possible settings for art therapy services. Additionally, art therapy may be available in other settings such as:

  • Art Studios
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Community Centers
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Elementary Schools and High Schools
  • Group Homes
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Hospitals
  • Private Therapy Offices
  • Residential Treatment Centers
  • Senior Centers
  • Wellness Center

Techniques for Art Therapy

Here I have included the different Techniques for Art Therapy that are popularly practiced.

The Untold Techniques for Art Therapy, Techniques for Art Therapy
Techniques for Art Therapy || Art & Craft TALKS

  • Collage – The Collage techniques refer to the usage of print media like magazines, books, pamphlets, etc. A widespread technique, widely popular among college students.


  • Drawing and Coloring – The Drawing and Coloring techniques for Art Therapy are a helpful tool to manage anxiety and stress symptoms. One of the best ways to utilize it to the fullest is to draw what you like and bring out the best of it through colors. Many surveys have revealed that it helps in mindfulness (the ability to live in present, with your thoughts and emotions tuned together).


  • Painting – My favorite and probably one of the easiest techniques for art therapy is Painting. The best way (which I feel and do) is to take a pencil (of your choice) and make a circle (or your favorite shape) without lifting your pencil. Believe me, it will not just enhance your focus but also help in de-stressing your mind.  


  • Phototherapy – Another “visual technique for art therapy is Photo-therapy. From the beginning of televised media, photographs served as a bridge for connecting and communicating feelings and memories.


  • Sculpting – Traditionally, clay or other sculpting materials have been used for art therapy. However recently, intervention in family sculpting has gauged many eyes of art therapists across the world. It reflects/personifies prominent figures of the mother or father (or even guardians) and the relationships between them.

How Art Therapy heals you?

The Untold Techniques for Art Therapy, How Art Therapy heals you?
How Art Therapy heals you? || Art & Craft TALKS
Art therapy can help you to explore your own unseen you!! Unlike any other therapy, art therapy deals with soul pleasure and one being himself/herself. Also, it helps in fighting many health-related issues like:

  • Severe stress experienced by adults.
  • Behavioral or social problems with children at school or at home.
  • Any traumatic event which affected the life of the adult.
  • Learning disabilities in children.


The above article deals with the various Techniques for art therapy. I hope after reading the article, you must be curious to apply the methods and pump out your stress...

Also, I should tell you that anyone can do (and should do) art therapy. There is no specific pre-requisite for it. “Practice makes a man perfect”, this phrase perfectly fits the process of art therapy. The more you practice, the more creative you become as an art therapist.

Thank you and I hope, you found the answer to your doubts/queries in this article. Still, if you have any questions left to ask, feel free to comment, and we will reach you with the best possible solution...


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