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College of ART Degrees || Art Degrees || Art & Craft TALKS

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College of ART Degrees, Art Degrees
College of ART Degrees || Art & Craft TALKS

College of ART Degrees 

Which college should I choose? What courses should I pursue? If these questions come into your mind upon thinking about pursuing your career in the field of art, then you are in right place.

Here in this article, we will help you out with all your doubts and questions. So without wasting time, let us jump into it.

I) Animation

College of ART Degrees, Animation
Animation || Art & Craft TALKS
The process of making images appear as moving is the basis of animation. We all know about one of the most popular animated moviesToy Story. We all loved the beautiful scenes and how amazed, we were to watch the movie!!

If you want to pursue your dream as an animator in the art field, then below are the listed courses available. For your convenience, we have also mentioned the related colleges.


a) B.Sc. in Animation

Talking about the course, it is an undergraduate course and is offered at various institutions across the country. In general, it is 3 years course. Let’s see in detail:

Below is the chart depicting the syllabus for each semester.


Semester 1

Semester 2ter II

Elements of Information Technology

Computer-based 2D Animation

Introduction to Programming Language

Multimedia & Computer Graphics

Foundation Art

Introduction to 3D Animation & Modeling-I

Basics of Animation

Introduction to Mass Communication & Media Literacy

Semester 3

Semester 4ter IV

Technical English-I

Technical English – II

3-D Animation – I

3D Animation – II

Production Process – I

Production Process – II

Multimedia – I

Multimedia - II

Composing & Editing

Layout and Perspective

Color Theory

Sketching and Landscaping

Semester 5V

Semester 6VI

Script Writing – I

Script Writing – II

Content Development Direction I

Content Development Direction –II

Gaming Technology

Gaming Production

Digital Editing & Motion Graphic I

Digital Editing & Motion Graphics –II

Visual Effects –I

Visual Effects – II

 V.F.X.- I

V.F.X. – II

In the first year of this course, you get to know about the history and basics of animation. Second-year will be full of interesting things to learn like 2D and 3D animations. Last year is reserved for internships and placements.

Now, below are names of a few colleges, which provides you best environment for animation:

  • Fergusson College, Pune.
  • Anwarul Uloom College, Hyderabad.
  • Vogue Institute of Arts and Design, Bangalore.


b) B.Des in Animation

The B.Des degree in animation is a 4-year undergraduate course. It deals with 3D artworks, visuals, and many more... This course aims at enhancing image-making, critical thinking, and storytelling skills among aspirants.


The syllabus for the course is stated below:




Sketching and Drawing - 1

Sketching and Drawing - 2

Design Fundamentals - 1

Design Fundamentals - 2

History of Art and Design

Visualization Techniques

Craft Design Studies - 1

Society, Environment, and Design

Culture and Design Studies

Craft Design Studies – 2



Information Collection and Analysis

Digital Design Tools - Film Media

Design Processes and Thinking

Sketching and Drawing - 3

Introduction to Graphic Design

Pre-Visualization Techniques

Introduction to User Experience Design

Story Telling for Visual Media

Introduction to Design for Moving Images

Fundamentals of Animation and Video Film Design


Basics of Classical Animation



Pre-production Design for Animation

Animation Film Production: Stop Motion

Classical Animation Techniques

Post Production for Animation

Pre-visualization Techniques for Animation

Animation Film Project - 1

Production Art Design for Animation

Animation Film Project - 2

Animation Film Production: 3D


Inter Discipline Elective - 1




Design Management

Degree Project

Design Internship Presentation


Animation Film Project - 3


Animation Film Project - 4



Top colleges for doing B.Des in Animation are:

  • National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
  • Chitkara University, Punjab
  • Karnavati University, Gujarat
  • Chandigarh University, Chandigarh
  • ITM University, Gwalior


II) Graphic Design

College of ART Degrees, Graphic Design
Graphic Design || Art & Craft TALKS
Moving forward, we will now explore opportunities available in Graphics Design. So, a form of craft where a person conveys his words through digital content is called Graphic designing. Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts are nothing but video format of graphic designs.

Following are the courses available for graphic designing along with the information on some of the best colleges that provides it.

a)   B.Sc. in Graphic Designing

The course helps the students in understanding the basics of Graphic design in the first year. The learnings in the journey of completion of the course include - basics of graphics, illustration, sequential art, typography, image processing, motion graphics, and narration through a variety of formats.

Below is the syllabus for B.Sc. in Graphic Designing for all six semesters.



Spoken English -I

Advanced Spoken English

Management Concepts

Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management


Web Designing & Tags of Html

Introduction to Animation and Graphics [Practicals Included]

Digital Photography

Mind Management and Human Values

Marketing Management & E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Practicals of EXCEL



Communicative English

Research Mythology

Financial Management

Image & Graphics

Flash [Practicals included]

Multimedia Design

3d Max [Practicals included]

New Media

Customer Relationship Management

Environmental Studies [EVS]

Introduction to Advertising

Corel Draw & Photoshop



Operation Management

Total Quality Management

International Marketing

Consumer Psychology

Professional Practice I (Electronic Imaging)

Major Project- Graphic Design Portfolio Presentation

Mass Communication

Animation Film Project - 2

Mini Project- Graphic Design Portfolio Presentation

Soft skills Personality Development Training


Image & Graphic Lab


Internship Project

Top colleges for doing B.Sc. in Graphic Designing are:

  • Indian Institute of Design (IIAD), Okhla (New Delhi)
  • UPES, Chandigarh
  • National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Imphal.
  • Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur, (Uttar Pradesh) 

b) B.Des in Graphic Designing

The B.Des is a 4-year undergraduate course. Here the students are taught about various ways through which, they can create visual content for masses or businesses.

Semester 1r 1

Semester 22

Sketching and drawing-1

Sketching and drawing-2

Design fundamentals-1

Design fundamentals-2

History of art and design

Visualization techniques

Craft design studies-1

Society, environment, and design

Culture and design studies-1

Culture and design studies-2

Semester 3

Semester 4er 4

Information collection and analysis

Digital design tools- visual media

Design process and thinking

Visual identity design

Introduction to photography

Information system design

Introduction to graphic design

Typography and publication design

Introduction to user experience design

Visual ergonomics

Introduction to design for moving images

Sketching and drawing- 3

Semester 5

Semester 6r 6

User interface graphics

Packaging design and printing technology

Brand communication design

Environmental graphic design

Advanced illustration techniques

Graphic design project 2

Advertising design

Graphic design project 3

Graphic design project 1

Portfolio making

Interdisciplinary elective 1

Interdisciplinary elective 2

Semester 77

Semester 8r 8

Design management

Degree project GD

Design internship presentation

Floating credit course

Graphic design project 4


Graphic design project 5

Global immersion program

Degree project proposal study


Top colleges for pursuing this degree are as follows:

  • National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.
  • IIT Bombay, Mumbai.
  • MIT Institute of Design, Delhi.

III) Fashion Designing

College of ART Degrees, Fashion Designing
Fashion Designing || Art & Craft TALKS
The art of designing clothing products, making accessories, to influence a certain section of society is known as Fashion Designing. If someone wants to make a career in it, then there are many courses available like B.Sc. and B.Des. where one receives exposure in these areas.

Below we have listed the courses in detail, let’s check them out.


a) B.Sc. in Fashion Designing

This is a 3-year undergraduate course. It focuses on teaching various art forms in fashions. This varies from place to place, depending on the deeply inculcated culture and traditions of the area or country.

The common Syllabus which is followed across colleges for the B.Sc. in Fashion Designing across India is stated below:


Semester 1

                           Semester 2

Analytical Drawing

Computer-Aided Design


Creative Jewellery

Basic Photography

Current Global Fashion Trends

Colour Mixing

Design Process

Basic Computer Studies


Apparel Construction Methods

Elements of Design

Semester 3

                            Semester 4

Elements of Textiles

Fashion Studies

English Communication

Free Hand Drawing

Fabric Dyeing and Printing

Garment Construction

Fashion Forecasting

Geometrical Construction

Fashion History


Fashion Illustration and Design

History of Costumes

Semester 5

                             Semester 6

Introduction to Pattern Making and Garment Construction



Perspective Drawing

Leather Designing


Manufacturing Technology


Indian Art Appreciation

Surface Development Techniques

Nature Drawing

Textile Science


Top colleges for B.Sc. Fashion Designing is:

  • Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, [NMIMS] Mumbai
  • SRM University, Kanchipuram
  • Lovely Professional University (LPU), Jalandhar

b) B.Des in Fashion Designing

This course helps in learning different dimensions of fashion designing like Computer and Manual Designing, Textile Science, Pattern Designing starting from the very basic level to a professional level.

We have tabulated the syllabus for you. Here you can check through it once.


Semester 1er I 

Semester 2er II 

Fashion Studio I

Fashion Studio II

Fashion Illustration I

Fashion Illustration II

Visualization and Representation 

Design Process 

History of Art and Design I

History of Art and Design II

History of Fashion I

History of Fashion II

Overview of Fashion Industry 

Fabric Studies I

Semester 3er r III 

Semester 4ster IV

Fashion Studio III

Fashion Studio IV

History of Art and Design III

Draping Science 

History of Fashion III

History of Design and Fashion 

Elective 1 - Design Elective 

Elective 4 - Contextual Elective

Elective 2 - Atelier Elective 

Elective 5 - Fashion Allied Elective 

Elective 3 - Advanced Studio Elective 

Elective 6 - General Program Elective 

Semester 5er

Semester 6er

Fashion Studio V

Fashion Studio VI

Apparel Production and Quality Control 

Design Dissertation 

Fashion Merchandising and Marketing 




Semester 7er

Semester 8er

Design Creation 

Material Exploration 

CAD and Grading

Fashion Accessories 

Portfolio Development 



Study Report 


Top colleges for B.Des Fashion Designing are:

  • National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, Gandhinagar 

IV) Interior Designing

The art of enhancing the interior beauty and providing a pleasant environment to a building through imagination and creativity is referred to as Interior Designing.

College of ART Degrees, Interior Designing
Interior Designing || Art & Craft TALKS
It is very common in western countries. However, it has seen an unimaginable spike in demand in our country as well, in the past decade, with the increase in Digitalization. So let’s explore the process of making a career in Interior Designing.


a) B.Sc. in Interior Designing

It is a 3-year undergraduate course. This course helps students in learning different aspects of Interior Designing. The students are taught to design the interiors of apartments, commercial complexes, and houses.


The basic syllabus [more of a sort of skeleton/brief of syllabus] for B.Sc. in Interior Design are as follows:-

  •         Introduction to Design
  •         Communication Skills
  •         Planning
  •         Concepts of Geometry
  •         Design Drawing and Graphics
  •         Designing
  •         Color Wheels
  •         Introduction to Interior Design
  •         Applying Interior Design


Some of the best colleges for doing these courses are:

  • National Institute of Fashion Designing (NIFT), Delhi
  • Amity University, Noida
  • IIT Bombay, Mumbai


b)  B.Des in Interior Designing

It is a 4-year undergraduate course. This course helps students in creating functional spaces within the buildings. These buildings are generally used for corporate purposes.

The syllabus for B.Des in Interior Designing is tabulated below:


Semester 1ter I

Semester 2er II

Basics of Structure 1

Basics of Structure 2

Hypothesis of Design

Research Planning Design Process

Freehand Drawing and Geometric Construction

systematic Drawing

Material Exposure

Fundamentals of Photography

Relational abilities

Humanities, Art, and evaluation

Prologue to Computers 1

Prologue to Computers 2

Basics of Design 1

Basics of Design 2

                           Semester 3

                   Semester 4

Introduction to History of Crafts and Interior Design 1

Basics of Building Services 1

Fundamentals of Interior Materials 1

Fundamentals of Interior Materials 2

Anthropometry and Ergonomics

Elective (Poetry and Literature/ Journalism)

practical drawings and Computer Applications

Advance Computer Application

Introduction to Interior Construction 1

Introduction to Interior Construction 2

Fundamentals of Interior Design 1

Fundamentals of Interior Design 2

Semester 5r V

Semester 6ter VI

Basics of Building Services 2

Basics of Building Services 3

Fundamentals of Interior Materials 3

Analysis of Cost Estimation

Elective (Dance and Music/ Theatre and Film Making)

Elective (Human Interaction/ Marketing)

Introduction to Materials and Processes 1

Basics of Arts and Crafts

Theory of Interior Construction 3

Practical Uses of Interior Construction 4

Fundamentals of Interior Design 3

Fundamentals of Interior Design 4

Semester 7ter VII

Semester 8ter r VIII

Basics of Building Services 4

Seminar/ Thesis Topic

Practice session

Case Study

Introduction to Specifications and Controls

Project work

Fundamentals of Product Semantics


Analysis of Interior Landscape


Basics of Interior Design 5



Top colleges for pursuing this degree are:

  • National Institute of Designing (NID), Ahmedabad
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, Navi Mumbai, and Hyderabad are considered among the top colleges in the country.
  • Pearl Academy,
  • Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune



After reading the above article you must have got an idea about different fields of art where you can pursue your career. However, some of you might have problems in deciding which degree you should go for.

I mean to say whether you should do B.Sc. or B.Des. So, to make things simple for you I would provide a basic difference between these two courses.

Also, if you want to know my opinion, I would go for B.Des because it is a year-long course and gives you enough time to spend with art folks. And yes if you want information related to any other details, just comment us below.

Here is a brief comparison between B.Sc. and B.Des.





Bachelor in Science

Bachelor in Design


Undergraduate course

Both Undergraduate and Graduate course


3-year course

3-4 years depending on the course


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