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Impact of COVID-19 on Art & Craft Industries || COVID-19 Impact || Art & Craft TALKS

Impact of COVID-19 on Art & Craft Industries || COVID-19 Impact || Art & Craft TALKS

In this blog, we will be talking about the Impact of Coronavirus disease is also known as COVID-19 in the field of Art and Craft and To what extent, it has affected the Art and Craft industry in both positive and negative manner. This blog is very important if you are in or if you want to become an Artist and Artisan.
The main topic to be covered by this blog is the impact of covid-19 in the art and craft industry/field. At a glance, we need to look at the topics which we can be discussed through establishing the nexus between covid-19 and the creative industry. 

COVID-19 Disease as a Whole

COVID-19 first came to notice in the month of December 2019 after that much has happened and there has been a lot of controversies and theories regarding its origin, which we will not get into. Irrespective of its origin and controversies, it has had a huge impact on not only Artists / Artisans but on everyone around the globe, which is a very well-known fact. 

Impact of COVID-19 on Art & Craft Industry

The meaning of the Art and Craft industry is that the whole artist and artisan fraternity and the manner in which it has affected them, such as in terms of job opportunity and the effect on the products which already existed in the art and craft market post COVID. Artists and Artisans are creative people, hence, there is huge demand of their kind in every sector. But due to this deadly pandemic, where the situation is such that people are barely able to keep their job and most of the sectors have trimmed their number of employees, to reduce their losses and keep their companies existing. The Artists and the Artisans were hit first as a company cannot prioritize artists over technicians hence, the employees of the creative department are laid off first as the company needs to lay off employees of those departments first whose absence would least affect the stability of the company.

Impact of COVID-19 on Art & Craft Industry

Also, graphic designer’s artisans and artists don’t are that important for a company if the company doesn’t have to handle many clients of the creative field. Hence, employees in these departments are laid off first as it’s doesn’t have an immediate impact on the company and a company can deal with this lack of a creative team in the future when the pandemic subsides. COVID has had some positive effects besides the huge devastation it has caused globally in the private sector. As firstly, it cajoled us to sit at home and spend more time with our family and near and dear ones which we seldom did due to the rat race of life as there was no set time when one will get the opportunity to sit with one’s family, secondly we also got the opportunity in disguise to work on our skills. Although the government has partially lifted lockdown restrictions and people have started to go back to work, Artists and Artisans should concentrate on their skills which can also be done with the help of a website “Skill Share”, here lots of courses for Artists and Artisans are available and one can watch and learn as the competition is going to be cutthroat in the coming time. As the market is opening the job opportunity remains limited and less than before but the number of jobs seeks is the same as before if not more, hence the competition is bound to go up which is a huge drawback for an Artist and also for the people pursuing their goals in other sectors in general. Even the placements in different companies are bound to go down as with low turnovers a company’s hiring capacity also goes down hence there is a rise in competition.


One of the good alternatives are to learn some skills from “Skill Share” and pursue opportunities as a freelancer as this is sector has not been affected much by COVID and one can keep building a portfolio through freelancing, and in the future, this will help in pursuing job opportunities. This strategy can help in creatively and artistically brainstorm our way out of this pandemic. Every situation has two sides of a coin and I have tried to show both sites simultaneously so that you can judge for yourself where you find yourself and how to get the best of the situation.
Hence, it's really evitable that COVID-19 has vastly affected all the parts of the world, directly or indirectly but particularly, our Art & Craft Industry is affected but we can improve on that, if we Creatively use this time for bettering our Art or Craft Skills, overall.
For more info, watch our Video [In HINDI]:

COVID-19 Impact - Impact of COVID-19 on ART & CRAFT Industry - In HINDI THUMBNAIL
COVID-19 Impact - Impact of COVID-19 on ART & CRAFT Industry - In HINDI THUMBNAIL

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