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Mithila Painting in Mask || Remant Kumar Mishra || Art & Craft TALKS

Mithila Painting in Mask  Remant Kumar Mishra  Art & Craft TALKS

There was random news a few days back you might have noticed it as well. The news was that the trend of Mithali painting was on the rise. If you guys already know and even if you don’t, Mithila painting is the Traditional Craft of Bihar. So from there the trend of Mithila painting on the COVID mask gained immense popularity. In this blog, I will share the story of the Mithila art on the mask. So without any further ado, we will move ahead.

What is Mithila Painting or Madhubani Art?

Madhubani Art (or Mithila painting) is a style of Indian painting is practiced in the Mithila region of the Indian subcontinent. This painting is done with a variety of tools, including fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks and using natural dyes and pigments. It is characterized by its eye-catching geometrical patterns. There is ritual content for particular occasions, such as birth or marriage and festivals, such as Holi, Surya Shasti, Kali Puja, Upanayana and Durga Puja.

History of Mithila Painting

History of Mithila Painting

Madhubani painting (or Mithila painting) was traditionally created by the women of various communities in the Mithila region of the Indian subcontinent. It originated from the Madhubani district of the Mithila region of Bihar. Madhubani is also a major export center of these paintings. This painting is a form of wall art practiced widely throughout the region; the more recent development of painting on paper and canvas mainly originated among the villages around Madhubani, and it is these latter developments that led to the term "Madhubani Art" being used alongside "Mithila Painting".

The paintings were traditionally done on freshly plastered mud walls and floors of huts, but now they are also done on cloth, handmade paper and canvas. Madhubani paintings are made from the paste of powdered rice. Madhubani painting has remained confined to a compact geographical area and the skills have been passed on through centuries, the content and the style have largely remained the same. Thus, Madhubani painting has received GI (Geographical Indication) status. Madhubani paintings use two-dimensional imagery and the colors used are derived from plants. Ochre, Lampblack and Red are used for reddish-brown and black, respectively.

Story of Remant Kumar Mishra - The MASKMAN

It was in the news in the recent past that the masks bearing Mithila paintings are available in both offline and online markets but who started this and whose idea was it?  We will know about it in this blog.

Story of Remant Kumar Mishra - The MASKMAN
Remant Kumar Mishra, also known as the Mask Man, he hails from the Madhubani District of Bihar and is the first man to come up with this unique idea to portray Mithila art in such a manner that has now become globally recognized. In the previous blogs, we have come to know that if we are an artist or artisan, we need to be innovative and unique, or more precisely, Creative, which is evident from Mr. Mishra’s work who has truly become an inspiration for all Artists and Artisans like us. He, during this COVID-19 pandemic, where lots of people have been devastated he brought a unique combination of art and safety by combining masks and the traditional art of his state. I would like to congratulate and convey my best wishes for Mr. Mishra, I humbly request that if you are from the Madhubani district, please do visit his place and congratulate him. Moving on, on the 9th of March 2020 he produced 650 masks with Mithila art on them and he distributed the masks among his staff and his co-workers and asked for their feedback. From here the journey began and from the positive response then he decided to move with this project as a Business model and after that today this decision has brought a transition in his and the lives of many other artists like him. Hence, Mr. Mishra is a hugely inspirational figure for us, this is the starting phase of transition where a simple art of Mithila brought Mr. Remant fame in the name of The Mask Man


Today not only nationally but also internationally Remant Kumar Mishra has got recognition and due to this, even our country is benefitting. Also, if the government takes this opportunity to give more exposure to these kinds of creativity, this will attract tourism as tourists are attracted towards unique places and cultures. Mithila painting on masks when began shipping online paved the way for a whole new world of opportunity due to which today lakhs of artists like Mr. Remant Mishra are doing the same. Where during this pandemic most of the artists became unemployed, instead of crying about it, Mr. Mishra showed his creativity and made opportunities out of adversity. Salute the Artist!

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