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What is Knitting? || Techniques and Tools of Knitting || Art & Craft TALKS

If you are passionate about learning the Basics of Knitting, then you have come to the right place. The evidence of the origin of knitting days back to the 5th century in Egypt and throughout the centuries have traveled through Europe and most part of the world.

What is Knitting?, Techniques and Tools of Knitting
What is Knitting? || Art & Craft TALKS

Today it is quite significant in many parts of the world, especially in South Asia and the Middle East. There are various forms of knitting, but before exploring them let’s find out what actually is Knitting.


What is Knitting?

According to Wikipedia:- ‘It is a method by which yarn is manipulated to create a textile or fabric’. Well, a more proper definition would be “The art of woven a thread of yarn into a series of loops to create a fabric is called Knitting.

This includes both the traditional method as well as the new machinery methods. Let’s explore in detail with an example.

You must have seen your mother or grandmother knitting woolen sweaters during the winter season, right? This method of knitting is generally traditional knitting and takes a lot of time.

Now during the winter season, you must have bought those shiny ready-made jackets from stores. You will find these jackets to be well knitted than the traditionally made ones. Although, the quality of knitting depends on the techniques of knitting.

Techniques of Knitting

1) Weft Knitting

What is Knitting?, Techniques of Knitting
Techniques of Knitting || Art & Craft TALKS
It is a process of making fabrics where loops are made horizontally from a single yarn. Also, here the intermeshing of the loops takes place on a crosswise basis and forms a right-angle, i.e., 90 degrees. Generally, these types of knitting are of tubular form.

Further Weft Knitting is of different types:

a)      Plain Knit

b)      Purl Knit

c)      Interlock Knit

d)      Rib Knit


2) Warp Knitting

It is a method of forming a fabric in which the loops are made in a vertical way along the length of the fabric. From each warp, yarn and intermeshing of loops take place in a flat form on a lengthwise basis.

In general, warp knitting is further divided into two types, they are:

  • Raschel
  • Tricot  


Tools Required for Knitting

This is a very basic question that comes to one’s mind while thinking about knitting. However, the answers are quite simple to this question but widely depend on the purpose of the use of knitting.

    1. Personal/Household Use – If you have personal or household use like making seasonal clothes, then the required materials are – yarn, knitting needle, and obviously the most important thing in present-day, i.e., skillset.

    2. Commercial/Business PurposeFor setting up a business, the cost is comparatively more than personal uses. It includes – yarn, a knitting machine, metal wire, glass, and wax are required.

The cost of the knitting machine is around Rs. 50K to 1 Lakh. Also, the most important part of the machine is the metal wire. Apart from these, Glass and Wax are used to provide durability and long-lasting products made.



The above article discusses the basic Types of Knitting, the Tools required for Knitting, and their techniques. But this is not where it all ends, remember it is an Art, not just a piece of technique. Many different forms of Knitting are practiced across the world.


Also with developing technologies like 3D, these art forms are enhancing day by day. Hope you enjoyed reading the article and learned something new about Knitting...



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