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How to make money with craft? || Top 5 Ideas to make money with Craft || Art & Craft TALKS

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How to make money with craft? || Top 5 Ideas to make money with Craft || Art & Craft TALKS

    Just to start off...

    Last summer, I was looking to add some extra penny into my pocket. After browsing a few things, I ended up landing on ways to make money with crafts. I was amazed to see the awesome ideas to make money with craft and yes, it includes both online as well as offline mediums. Moving forward, I thought of sharing these ideas with you.

    Why is it a Great Idea to sell Crafts and Earn Money?

    If you are looking for some side hustling business that can bring a good amount in your pocket every month, then selling crafts is the way out. Also, it doesn’t require a lot of time. One of my friends started selling his own designed T-shirts on an e-commerce site. Now, he is earning more than enough to make a living out of it. Also, his Girlfriend is in an Online DIY making and selling business and is earning great profit out of it.

    Which Crafts make the Most Money?

    After doing some research, I found that there are lots of different ways through which one can sell crafts and earn. Also, craft making is not related to certain age groups or classes of people rather it is limitless.

    Which Crafts make the Most Money?
    Moms at home can bring out their knitting skills and sell them online. Similarly, one can open up an online store and sell DIYs and other decorative items, they are good at. The artisans and craftsmen can also sell their creativity through their own products.

    So, as you can see the opportunities are infinite you just have to board the right train for reaching your destination. Now, let’s look out at the Top 5 ideas to make money with Crafts:


    1) Make and Sell Decorative Items

    I believe this is one of the best ways to earn money for a professional artisan. The artwork that you create is from your own imagination and thus you can sell it through various mediums like setting up an online store or selling your artworks at some exhibitions and so on.

    2) Sell Crafted Toys

    From ancient times, toys made from clays and other rocks were traded across boundaries. Inspiring with this idea, you can set up your own crafted toys. Also, you don’t have to think about variety rather a simple toy for kids can make your fortune. You just have to be smart at selling things out!

    3) Jewellery

    One of the most common business plans that comes into mind after hearing about the crafts business is the Jewellery business. Yet being risky, the demand is growing rapidly and seems no time to stop in the near future. Get the right pieces on board and there you have your dream of becoming a profitable business.

    4) Knitting

    If you want to work from home and make a hefty amount of money, then master your knitting skills. Would you believe there are woman’s making lakhs of rupees just from knitting wearable clothes? But due to the competition being high, you must first decide your niches like making seasonal clothes – Sweaters or partner with brands for specific events like matches or exhibitions.   

    5) Traditional Crafts

    Whatever the time being, the taste of the traditional crafts never fades. Look around you, people wear traditional dresses at festivals, occasions, and home functions. Here is another opportunity for you, make the best use of it. Display your products and target your audience, especially during the festive season.


    So, I hope you have got the idea of How to make money with craft. These above-mentioned tips if implemented can make you more money than you think of. But before that remember that first, you have to master yourself in bringing the best version out of you in terms of the skill you acquire.

    If you sell knitted clothes be best in that, or learn the basics of any business product you are going to make. Also, do deep research about the environment of the business and invest wisely. Hope you succeed in making your dream a reality...

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