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How to make Modern Art? || Modern Art Simple Steps || Art & Craft TALKS

In this blog, we're discussing, 'How to make Modern Art? || Modern Art Simple Steps || Art & Craft TALKS', written by Art & Craft TALKS.

Modern Art How to make Modern Art? || Modern Art Simple Steps || Art & Craft TALKSBackground

How to Make Modern Art?

Art is an amazing way of presenting your idea to the world. From the ancient ages to our present modern days, art has played a major role in spreading ideas beyond borders. So, let us explore the beauty of artworks that have been traveling through ages, bringing change.


Modern Art – A Brief Background

The artists have influenced and also changed the view of society on various issues. With time we have seen many forms of artworks throughout history – the first being as old as 30,000 years. Talking about modern art, the artworks made during the mid-nineteenth century to mid-twentieth century are generally enclaved as modern art. Some of the modern arts of this time are -

With changing times, modern artworks are constantly changing. Below we have listed various ways through which you can full your dream of making modern artworks. But before that let’s have a look at things that has to be taken care of before starting your artwork.


Modern Art Background

1) Imagine first but don’t overdo

When it comes to creating something, you must imagine first. In the case of artwork, you have to keep a check on its tone so that it’s more appealing to the audience. Also, in the process, don’t drain out yourself too much and just think about what you can make best.


2) Get into the work

Once you have a basic idea of what you are going to draw, then start it. Don’t let your mind revolve around things like – “Will I would be able to pull the string to become an Artist?”, “Will anyone like my artwork?” and kinds of stuff like this. Don’t panic and stay focused. Keep doing your work and the results will soon be in front of you.


3) Help people through artwork

The best way to get recognition for your work is to help people through it. Once you present an entertaining artwork to your viewers, they will remember and admire you. Not only this, you can have good mouth branding too. Thus, your focus should be on healing you.


So, finally, we are going to introduce you to our findings on various techniques to make modern art. Here it is: -


  • Water Colors – One of the finest ways to make your artwork is through watercolors. Use your imagination and put it on the paper with the watercolors. You can brush, splash and even spray paint as per your imagination.


  • Color Pencils – Another way to depict your work is through color pencils. Remember how we use to play with vibrant colors in our school days to make beautiful pictures. Just revisit the same time of life and you would find the way out.

  • Oil Pastels – One of the best ways to illustrate your idea is through oil pastels.



Becoming a professional in any skill takes time. With time, new things are introduced and require constant learning to keep up with them. Also, you should have passion for the artwork you think of and give your full effort to it.

Finally, after reading the above article, we hope that you follow your path to success and become a modern artist.

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