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CREATIVITY || What is creativity? || Art & Craft TALKS

CREATIVITY || What is creativity? || Art & Craft TALKS

What is creativity? 

Creativity refers to the ability to produce new things using skill or imagination. The created item may be intangible such as an idea, scientific theory, musical composition. This created item can also be a physical object such as an invention, a printed literary work, painting, or any handicraft product.

Creativity is broadly divided into two categories – one which is built on emotional imagination and the other which is built on skill and techniques. These lead to new forms of creativity namely, Art and Craft.


Examples of Creativity

There are several kinds of creative skills that you can practice to become more creative in the workplace. Used in combination, they can be effective in helping you think differently about a problem or a task. They include:

  • Making connections
  • Asking questions
  • Making observations
  • Networking
  • Experimenting


Creativity at work

Creativity at work

Some workplaces are creative due to the nature of the industry. Even if your workplace is not a naturally creative environment, there are things you can do to practice Creativity:


Bring Diversity to work

One can easily bring diversity at work if he/she opts for teamwork. That’s right when you work in a team you know a lot of people from different places. You will be able to evolve yourself and bring creative ideas to your work desk.


Change your process

Make a change to the way you normally do things. Perhaps there is a particular task you have always done a certain way. Ask yourself why you do it that way. If there is no good reason why try doing it differently.


Plan your work

Whatever it is you are working on, whether a project, an idea, or a task, describe it in a picture or a series of pictures. One can easily do this with some practice and constant focus.


Change the environment you are working in

Changing the space around you can stimulate you to think in fresh ways about your work. This might involve reorganizing your office space or even moving to a different office. If you are limited with how you can rearrange your office space, consider decorating it and then periodically redecorating it. Not only is decorating a Creative exercise, but the change can help you think creatively in your work.


Listen to soft music

Take some break from your work and try to listen to some soft music. This will help you in releasing stress and relaxing. You will feel relaxed and this will help you in getting new and creative ideas for the work.


How to improve creative skills

How to improve creative skills

There are several activities and exercises that can help to improve one’s creativity. Below are some of them:-

1. Try the circle challenge

Draw twenty circles then set a stopwatch for thirty seconds. Make each circle into a unique picture before the timer ends. This exercise forces you to think about the same thing in different ways. Repeat it periodically to see how your thoughts change over time.


2. Use a sketchpad 

One can use a sketchpad to note points while attending any presentation or listening to some product knowledge. Make sure to follow the points and apply them in day-to-day activities. All these things improve Creativity at an individual level.

3. Read regularly

Every one of us has seen our parents eagerly waiting for the newspaper in the morning.  The habit of reading is very crucial for Creativity. As you read new things, one comes across a fictional storyline, complex terminologies, etc. All these help in learning new things and applying wherever necessary.


4. Write

One should try to write their thoughts in a diary at the end of each day. Writing encourages you to think critically about your daily experiences and ideas. It will help the individual in improving daily routine and time management. All this will eventually lead to better Creativity.

5. Exercise Daily

One must look for their health. A healthy mind nurtures more creative ideas than a non-healthy mind. Also, one should look for their physical health, walk in the fresh air, sleep well and travel to a less noisy environment. One must meditate in the morning as its spiritual health also helps in budding new ideas.


Fun facts about creativity

According to research, most Creative ideas come to our minds during showering. Well, science explains it as when we shower we are in a dopamine high, relaxed state, factors that are ideal for creativity and idea formation.


“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein




In today’s globalized world, the best way to be more creative and productive is to explore the world. “Meet new people and learn new things” – that’s the mantra to be creative at anything you do.

Thus we conclude that - Creativity can help us solve problems in our personal lives as well as in our business lives and can help a company overcome hard times and go from near bankruptcy to being one of the biggest and richest companies in the world (eg. Apple).



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