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How to become an ART DIRECTOR? || Art & Craft TALKS

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How to become an ART DIRECTOR? || Art & Craft TALKS


So now you know exactly what is an art director? Normally, this occupation requires you to manage a team of designers working on a creative project with different degrees of responsibility and autonomy.

Have you ever envisaged being one? Often, the creative domain has an art director. An exciting job role in graphic design, advertising, marketing, publishing, film and TV, web design and video games.

Many innovative wish to become one and if you’re just adventuring out you probably seek to know what you have to do, rolling up your sleeves? If you are seeking a way for your halfway measures in this area, you might want to read on to check you haven’t put a foot wrong in making your choice.

"A very basic sense possessing the role is having the knack to nurture the best possible creative environment”, says Shaun Bowen, creative partner at B&B Studio. Having the leadership skills to do this effectively and consistently is one of the most challenging requirements of art director roles – and is not always ‘a cake walk’ to find in a portfolio. Along with the highest creative flair and talent, it involves elements of emotional intelligence, compassion and the caliber to comprehend enveloping business commitments.

Requirements for becoming Art Director

The position requires a bachelor’s degree in fine art, digital media, visual communication, photography, or a related field.

Requirements for becoming Art Director

Duties to be discharged and responsibilities underlying this position includes:

  •       Determine and develop the visual style of advertising campaigns, publications and other visual elements for the client;
  •         Manage design staff and collaborate with other creatives;
  •         Create detailed timelines and budgets for the creative team;
  •      Review and approve the artwork, photography and graphic designs produced by design staff;
  •         Select photography, artwork, designs, and other visual elements for layout;
  •       Coordinating multiple projects simultaneously to produce quality content and meet client deadlines;
  •         Present creative concepts and finished projects to clients for review.

Skills and competencies asked for this post comprises:

  •      Excellent design skills;
  •      Great aesthetic adjustment;
  •      Top-notch leadership skills;
  •      Strong attention to detail;
  •      Excellent time management and organizational skills;
  •      Proficiency with industry-standard tools.

Similar post titles include Associate/Junior Art Director, Senior Art Director, Head of Art and Design.

Other essential requirements for any art director candidate include previous work experience and a strong creative portfolio – a ‘killer portfolio’. Depending on the industry, experience as an Editor, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Photographer, or Fine Artist will help put you in better shape to get hired for an Art Director role.

As the role of the Creative Director becomes less common in traditional ad agencies, Art Directors can step up to the plate. By working closely with Copywriters and Graphic Designers, a seasoned Art Director can create outstanding content – all while taking on more managerial tasks, as well.

Art Directors working hours & Conclusion

Art Directors will continue to learn cross-disciplinary skills, such as copywriting and web development, to better collaborate with their creative teams. When art directors familiarize themselves with their team’s skillsets, they can more effectively communicate their creative vision, which leads to a more agile creative team – and a more productive one.

Typical working hours for an Art Director are from 9 AM – 5 PM Monday through Friday, in an office setting. However, longer or different hours may, at times, be necessary...

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