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Relation between Art & Fashion || Art & Craft TALKS

In this blog, we're discussing the topic of, " Relation between Art & Fashion ", written by Art & Craft TALKS, wherein, we have discussed the relation, Art & Fashion have in between them.

Relation between Art & Fashion || Art & Craft TALKS

What is Fashion?

Fashion cannot be defined in a line, but through fashion, what I get is that the artistic way of representing our ideas, thoughts and culture through our looks. It helps people from different cultures to communicate. We can also say that culture and fashion have slight relation.
But if you're asked, what's the relationship between Fashion and Art, a lot of you would be speechless...
Let's find the real answer to that...

How are Art and Fashion Related and Compared?

Both Art and Fashion are very much related to each other, as both of them involve creativity. This is the most basic reason. Also, both require a lot of imagination to achieve the required product.
How are Art and Fashion Related and Compared?
However, they both travel many different paths too. The key difference between art and fashion is that art is permanent (or changes but core ideas remain the same) but fashion changes as per the need of the individual or the trends.
Basically, Fashion is a subset of Art, where Art is a big universe and Fashion is just a small planet (i.e., branch) of this big universe.

Let’s see an example to understand the above statement: 
An artist embeds the idea of oil paintings and even today it is used with slight modification. However, fashionable clothing has seen a significant change due to globalization. Even in our country, western clothes and fashions are quite popular. The home decor items to represent a significant change in the attitude of people towards fashion.


These all show us that how Fashion and Art are related to each other.

Importance of Art in Fashion

While Fashion is deeply rooted in self-expressionism, i.e. to show the personality of an individual through body adornment and clothing. Whereas, art has also been subjected to define an artist's thoughts in shaping the society over the period of time.
Art plays a deep role in shaping the fashion of society. An artist, through his/her thoughts, helps people to choose their fashionable clothing. Also, fashion is the manifestation of humans’ artistic ideas.

Is art required to become a Fashion designer?

Is art required to become a Fashion designer?

As discussed, art and fashion both require creativity and imagination. So, yes to become a good Fashion designer, one requires to hold a good knowledge of creativity and imagination, i.e., should have an understanding of art.


From all the factors we have discussed, it is clear that art and fashion are deeply related and quite influential in shaping the thinking of society. Also, they vary a lot in some factors like where art lives for times and times, a fashion perishes (or gets replaced) within a decade or so.

Finally, as the world becomes more multicultural, people are attracting to vivid fashions and artworks.

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Art and Fashion - In Public Demand - In HINDI THUMBNAIL
Art and Fashion - In Public Demand - In HINDI THUMBNAIL

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