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Top 5 Craft Books || Art & Craft TALKS


Top 5 Craft Books  Art & Craft TALKS

Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso

If you’re looking for creative, playful and modern Craft Books ideas for the kids, check out this selection of 5 excellent contemporary how-to-do for simple and fun kids’ crafts.


 Pogo MAD Art & Craft Book:-

Pogo MAD Art & Craft Book

The very first book on our list is from one of the most famous personalities who probably introduced Arts and Crafts to every child growing in the era of 2005-2010. This is a set of six books for school children. In these books, children will learn to create amazing fun items in and out of anything – fantastic pictures, models, and playthings using paint, chalk, pencils, watercolor… You name it!. The art and craft activities selected in these books will engage the imagination of children and stimulate creativity.

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Super Fun Art and Craft Book-2:-

Super Fun Art and Craft Book-2

Some of the best Craft Books are those which require few materials. It consists of a series of eleven books for levels A, B, C, and classes 1 to 8. These books cover quite interesting aspects of both ArtCrafts like  Coloring, origami, science fun Experiments, die-cutting, magic tricks, and recycled material projects. One of the most recommended books for beginners. Quite helpful in learning the basics of the craft building.

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Disney Ideas Book:-

Disney Ideas Book

One of the most engaging and exciting books for children. The steps in this book are set out easily and simple for children to follow. This book provides various projects in almost every field of Art like growing grass hair on Frozen trolls and creating The Lion King animal masks.

There are steps on each page to help each creation, a success.

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Decoupage: 17 Projects for You and Your Home Book:-

Decoupage: 17 Projects for You and Your Home Book

Wanna personalize your house? This book is right for you!

It is fun and easy to decorate just anything like from small household items to large pieces of furniture. The series of seventeen projects helps you to become an expert in decoration. From guides and how-to books for beginners to technique-packed, project-based titles, this book has something for everyone - no matter whether experienced or beginner.

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Crafty Inventions: Age of new Ideas:-

Crafty Inventions: Age of new Ideas

As the name suggests “New Ideas”, this book introduces you with new verticals of arts and crafts. One of the best books for someone who like to bring Creativity to his/her Art world. It helps you to think in various dimensions of craft and enhances your creativity. Easy and fun to use...

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These were our suggestions for Top five arts and craft books for children. When it comes to fostering Creativity in a child, books are a great way to start. They provide a great learning opportunity for children in this creative world. Explore this beautiful world of arts and keep crafting!

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